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HEAD OFFICE: HEAD OFFICE: M&K Plaza, 317 Old Ipaja Road,Lagos (Beside Lapariaz Hotel) Iyana-Ipaja
IKEJA OFFICE: 6, Oshitelu Street, Opposite GT Bank, Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.
Mobiles: (+234)8035167336, 08022725044



Our Terms & Policy

  • Any deposit made into our bank account without following due process will not be treated immediately until such customer provides all needed information before funding. We DO NOT treat deposit without proper information.
  • All transactions are made through our bank accounts. However Customers can also come to our office for business transactions.
  • Customers are advised to come to the office in person (though not with cash) for transactions above one million naira (N1,000,000). This is for no other reason but the country’s money anti-laundering law.
  • You are responsible for supplying your correct E-currency account information. In the event that your fund is sent to a wrong account because you supplied wrong account information, we will not be liable for the loss
  • Our service must not be used for money laundering or fraud of any form.
  • We will keep records of all transactions and we will make them available to relevant authorities when necessary and/or when constrained to do so by a court injunction.
  • In the event we discover suspicious activities, all transactions in regards and funds shall be with-held UNTIL all incidences of suspicion are cleared beyond reasonable doubt. Where the suspicious nature of the activity remains un-cleared, such funds shall be held for a maximum period of 90 days to ascertain no third party claims are made, after which such funds may be released only on request by depositor through a registered bank account matching registration details we have.
  • Where necessary, you will be required to verify your identity or transaction as we deem fit. We ask our members to verify their identity in some cases in order to comply with applicable Anti-Money Laundering or Anti-Terrorist Financing legislation and/or regulations.
  • All transactions are concluded within 5 minutes - 24 Hours. However If there is any delay in your account funding or withdrawal beyond 24 hours, Please get in touch with our support department through the contact information provided on our contact page.
  • You authorize CinaExchange, directly or through third parties, to make necessary inquiries to verify your identity. However,CinaExchange cannot and does not guarantee any User’s identity. CinaExchange makes no representation or warranty regarding the identity of any given User. At any time, we may ask you to complete additional verification measures to authenticate or re-authenticate your identity.
  • You are totally responsible for the security of your e-currency account as we neither have access nor a way of accessing your account and will NEVER ask you for your password.
  • We reserve the right to change the price of any of our products by posting the information on our website. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.
  • By using any of our services, you agree to be bound by these terms as stated here